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Organizational Mentoring

A small privately held technology company struggling with their sales and were convinced that the company needed to beef up their sales staff to help bring in more sales.

Coaching – Sales

The US branch of a global company realized two of their existing Regional Sales VPs were not a good fit for the roles they were in and wanted to make necessary changes to fuel growth.

Succession Planning

Owner/founder of a small B2B company with Fortune 50 clients needed to ensure there was a strong succession plan in place and make sure his successors were prepared.

Health Insurance Options

I am covered by my spouse’s HMO health insurance. I have serious health problems and I am wondering, if I can go on my employer’s health plan that has a different network. Can I use that plan for specialty care and my spouse’s plan for routine care?

Sick Day Policies

We provide all employees with 5 sick days under New York State law on January 1 of each year. Since we already give this upon hire and every calendar year thereafter do we still need to accrue or carryover?