I am covered by my spouse’s HMO health insurance. I have serious health problems and I am wondering, if I can go on my employer’s health plan that has a different network. Can I use that plan for specialty care and my spouse’s plan for routine care?

We have employees who are leaving and haven’t taken any time off due to working from home during COVID. We used to pay out vacation pay and would like to change the policy. Can we do that?

My company has a NO Drug/Alcohol Policy. How does the new Marijuana Law passed in New York impact my workplace?

We are looking to bring in some summer interns. What type of benefits do we need to provide them and what rate of pay do we need to give them?

We provide all employees with 5 sick days under New York State law on January 1 of each year. Since we already give this upon hire and every calendar year thereafter do we still need to accrue or carryover?