Performance Management

Organizational success is a reflection of “employee performance” where employee performance has a direct correlation to employee commitment – which ultimately will impact your bottom-line.

Understanding human capital and learning to tap into the potential that lies within an organization are the keys to propelling an organization into an industry leader. PRS believes that you get back from people what you invest in them – focusing on developing their strengths will result in strong performance from them.

prs-performaceOur Approach

With the goal of creating positive expectancy with accountability, People Resource Strategies will help you design an effective performance management system geared towards your unique workforce – by concentrating on individual competencies and motivational factors that work for your company.

We view the performance management system as a development tool for your workforce and as such, will work with your management staff to develop a system which will enhance the learning process of your workforce. This helps increase the odds of retaining top performers and creating positive change – which can increase the morale and the overall climate of your company.

Performance Management and The Appraisal

Most organizations recognize the need to improve the processes they employ to assess, record, and manage the performance of their staff. PRS integrates designing a comprehensive evaluation system, providing appropriate coaching and training to the management team responsible for managing the process, with specific action plans built into the model so that it is manageable. This allows for consistent implementation with the true intent it was designed for.

With the advent of performance management software on the market, PRS can develop the Appraisal form with the users (your managers) so that it measures the competencies and aspects if the jobs you need to measure. This can be completed with procedural handbooks for both line management and HR staff.