Several years ago, our Association embarked on an effort to formalize our employee bonus incentive plan.

As a membership association with a Consultants Council, we were able to choose from a very select list of potential vendors for this project. We chose People Resource Strategies.

Lena Bodin had to satisfy both the CEO and the members of our Executive Board in designing a plan that would reflect our goals. She accomplished that with a tremendous degree of professionalism that resulted in a smooth process and unanimous approval. Perhaps the greatest accolade is that the plan is still in place.

We would have no reservation in recommending her services.

We were looking at developing the possibility for better efficiency and brought Lena Bodin in to help us with this process.

Lena was able to formulate and facilitate a strategic plan for better organizational efficiency for one of our key business units. Implementing this strategic plan we were able to bring in efficiency with a sizable cost savings. Lena is a strong professional with vast experience – we were very fortunate to have Lena help us.

Lena Bodin has provided our organization with a wealth of support with HR issues.

I look towards Lena’s experience and expertise on a regular basis, not only for our staff, but for the development of our Board of Directors and our more than 300 volunteers who work alongside our staff. Lena’s skills go beyond knowledge of HR structures. She is intuitive and observant and understands how people function and interact with one another. Lena has been instrumental in developing comprehensive HR policies which have all been assets.

(EXCERPT) Approximately 2 years ago Lena was hired by our Board to work with one of our senior level valued long term employee who was having a very difficult time adapting to his new role…

Looking for direction, we approached several professionals and were told that turning this employee around would be too difficult and the effort would not be worth the investment.

Fortunately, we met Lena (Bodin) of People Resource Strategies and she developed a plan, working closely with the Managing Director, to meet with the employee for a series of offsite “Coaching” sessions to help him reestablish his worth. The results have been that the employee is still working with us and remains, more than ever, a vital part of the Organization. She was a strong influence on him and he acknowledged and listened to her. Lena’s ability to turn this employee around and make a real change was very impressive. The money we invested was well worth it.

Lena is a good listener and has the experience and know-how in finding the right way to deal with difficult personnel issues. She is articulate and able to work with individuals in a plain spoken manner. Overall we were very satisfied with the positive results she delivered.

(EXCERPT) In her role as a consultant Lena has effectively worked with various individuals across the company from the CEO, Executive Management staff, down to non-management staff, including working with our overseas operations. Many of the projects she managed required her to work closely with the management staff in groups and one-on-one.

She also conducted training for the management staff and other employees and provided one-on-one coaching…

Lena worked with us for more than one and one-half years implementing initiatives such as, Performance Management Plan design, Compensation Plan design, Job Descriptions development, Employee Handbook, HR Audit and HR procedures development, FMLA and other compliance related policies. As many of the initiatives Lena handled were new to the organization, it was important for her to gain the “buy in” of the employees at all levels. Lena listened to inputs very well and was very effective in explaining the purpose and benefits of each initiative and also in getting a consensus view as to the best solutions and path to implementation.

I had the pleasure of working with Lena Bodin when I was the Regional VP of a well known supermarket chain and responsible for approx. 4500 employees.

Lena provided ongoing support to my management staff as well as the general employee population. She provided leadership development to my management team and human resources services in the areas of employee relations, performance management, succession planning, policy management and compliance. She provided coaching and mentoring to my managers and helped them become better leaders in managing their direct reports. Her breadth of knowledge in both capacities is second to none. Lena demonstrated her commitment to her work by always going the extra mile working with others to align company goals and was instrumental in implementing some division-wide new HR programs.

Lena maintains high standards with integrity and character – her work is very customer focused. I would engage Lena’s services if I have the opportunity to do so again and recommend her work to anyone who wishes to engage her company’s services.

Lena Bodin developed our HR department infrastructure from the ground up.

This included developing Recruitment Policies, Performance Management Plan, Compensation & Bonus Incentive Plans, Employee Handbook and HR Procedures Manuals, and HR compliance reporting.

Lena Bodin was instrumental in several organizational development initiatives at my Company. She brought in an assessment tool which allowed us to logically and comprehensively look at our leaders and make developmental changes to make the team more effective in reaching the company’s strategic vision.

When I sold my company, Lena was a critical component to the sales process, working closely in an advisory capacity to help the smooth transition of the employees from my organization to the new company.

Lena ensured that we addressed many of the employee issues which may not have been addressed without her assistance.