Organizational Succession

Client Profile:
Small privately held corporate promotional products company.  The owner / CEO was looking to retire and struggling with the decision as to which of his three children should take over the business.

prs-successionChallenge:The owner recognized that that all three of his children were expecting him to leave the business to each of them individually, or allow them to own it equally.  The owner was concerned that maybe not all of his children were capable of taking over the business and maintaining continued success.  Having spent his entire life building the business to where it was, he wanted to make sure that it was left in the hands of someone who will continue its growth and expansion.

People Resource Strategies conducted assessments of the 3 potential successors and was able to identify best job fits for each of the individuals.  The owner was surprised in what the assessments revealed and he needed to make some immediate changes in his successors.  PRS was able to help the owner put the right person in the right position of President/ CEO, COO and Business Development and leave the company knowing all was in good hands.  The company continues to thrive to this day.