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Welcome to People Resource Strategies!

Businesses today are only as successful as the people they employ.  In today's business world where competition is moving at the speed of light and new technology is reaching obsolescence just as quickly, it's your people that give your business its competitive edge.

People Resource Strategies ("PRS") is a professional consulting firm which partners with businesses to develop and implement strategies that drive a company's most valuable resource, its human capital.  PRS works with companies in the areas of organizational and strategic leadership development and specializes in designing comprehensive and profitable solutions to enhance Organizational Effectiveness which ultimately enhances a company's profitability.

People Resource Strategies provides highly focused and client centered consulting services in two critical areas: Organizational & Leadership Development; and HR Infrastructure Design.

The Synergy Factor
People Resource Strategies will help your company identify its Synergy - that which makes your company unique  and enhance this Synergy  through developing your leaders and managers to their fullest potential - helping your company become a more cohesive organization.
  What legal reasons and steps are there to letting an employee go?
  One of the areas where companies tend do see law suits is in the area of wrongful terminations.  Although most states, including New York,  are "at will" states this doesn't give an employer license to terminate an employee without ensuring that proper procedure are followed.

An employer needs to make sure that the termination is being based on non-discriminatory grounds, such as actual...


The HR Advisor
People Resource Strategies will   provide your company with expertise in the areas of performance management, compensation & benefits, HR compliance, bringing fresh ideas and opportunities to your talent management process.
"If you've hired the right people, they
will want to grow."
- Jack Welch
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