What We Do

People Resource Strategies (“PRS”) helps executives, business owners, and HR managers solve tough problems.

prs-good-hrmHow do I build high-performing teams?
We have tools and processes to give you deep insights on how to boost team performance — and profits.

How do I hire (and retain) the best workers?
We do candidate assessments and help your hiring managers understand how to ask the right questions to identify the right people for the right jobs.

Who will take over my business?
We smooth out succession plans, especially when complex relationships — like families — are involved.

What’s the best way to downsize?
We’re change management experts; we’ll create a strategy for you — and make sure you know the labor laws.

I have other people problems in my organization…
We can help you with a wide range of services, including executive coaching, compensation analysis, performance management, and leadership development.

PRS has over twenty years of consulting experience in the areas of organizational performance enhancement through developing leadership programs, competency assessments, performance management systems, and culture change initiatives which have positively impacted bottom-line results. In addition, we have practical experience in developing infrastructure and implementing innovative HR programs and initiatives working with start-ups and emerging companies.

We work with companies that are in the start-up phase and mostly small to medium size companies both in the profit and not-for-profit world.

PRS has also been instrumental in developing exit strategies for companies in the transition phase.