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We are an OD and HR consulting firm, so, of course, it all starts with our consulting… which encompasses all our services provided. Consultation with our clients is the first step in starting the relationship by understanding your company’s needs and it continues through the process as we start providing our services and continually consult with you, the client, to ensure we are still on track. People Resource Strategies can help you navigate the evolving business landscape so that you can maximize your human resource efforts. We can serve as a third-party sounding board when you want to incorporate new plans. You can take advantage of the expertise developed by PRS in a number of ways and we can expose you to new business practices that can prove to be more profitable for your company.

PRS takes a facilitative approach in not only applying our expertise to practical problem solving, but recognizing each client is unique with a unique set of circumstances. We remain on-hand to assist your company in proper implementation, or in some cases, handle the implementation start to finish with or without your staff’s assistance. The decision is up to you as to how much involvement you want from PRS.

Some of our work with clients are individual project based where a company needs expertise to help them develop a particular program such a performance management or compensation plan or a simple review of their existing plans while others are more intensive as the client is looking for more comprehensive HR support. We have long-standing clients where we continue to provide consulting services on an on-going basis.

Most of our Coaching services are also long term as we continue to work with individuals to help them navigate through their managerial and leadership roles.