Team Building

Developing team skills is important because most companies, especially the larger ones, get most of their work accomplished through teams. Self-managing work teams are very common and now many companies design rewards systems based not only on individual performance, but also on overall team performance.

Along with these work teams come challenges for management.  Although companies may have work teams, getting them to function in synergy can become a challenge.  Although team members have good intentions, often there is breakdown in communication, misunderstandings, personality differences, and many other things that can get in the way of a team functioning properly.

People Resource Strategies has been involved in developing effective teams as part of its repertoire.  We have helped teams through their stages to help them become more cohesive.

Our Approach
People Resource Strategies looks at the concept of "Group Dynamics" in helping develop stronger teams keeping in mind that workforces are very diverse now with greater generation gaps which adds another whole dimension to diversity.  Depending on the company's level of commitment, this can be done through using assessment tools, developing better interpersonal communications, looking at processes in place to support team activities and tasks, and helping team members develop strategies that work for their team and increase commitment from the team.

People Resource Strategies also designs reward systems that support better team functionality and cooperation.


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