Leadership Development

What is Leadership?

Traditionally, Leadership has has been used to describe what individuals must do under conditions of change.  When organizations were dynamic and undergoing transformations, people at the top were supposed to exhibit leadership qualities. Management, on the other hand, has been used to link executives with the status quo.  Leaders have been said to focus on direction setting and articulating a vision and creating new things while managers focused on monitoring, directing and evaluating current performance.

No longer do organizations have the luxury of maintaining the status quo and Leadership has become a fluid concept blurring the line between leaders and managers due to business necessity.

  • What attributes and competencies do your leaders need in order to manage change in today's dynamic times?

  • What are the key ingredients for your new recruits who will be
    future leaders of your organization?

The success of your organization depends on developing the proper skill sets in your existing and future leaders.  Knowing the job is not always sufficient for success.

Our Approach
Based on your organization's core competencies, People Resource Strategies will evaluate and determine the core competencies for your management team, specific to job function.  We will then design a customized program where we work with your executives, both as a team and one-on-one to help them develop the essential competencies.

We accomplish this through a combination of:
    • Assessment     • Coaching

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