Group Dynamics

What is Group Dynamics?

Just as individual personalities are unique and complex, group personalities are just as unique and complex, while they are a composite of all the members in the group. Group dynamics refers to the ways in which individual members in the group communicate with one another and how they deal with issues and challenges in the group.

Being in groups to accomplish work is more prevalent now since most major corporations have self-managed teams in place to help the company meet its strategic goals.

A group is effective as long as members collaborate and behave in ways that suit mutual expectations, in this case company goals. Sometimes personalities clash, goals become invisible and venue for consensus lost. This dysfunction can hinder the group and in turn the organization in staying focused.

Our Approach
People Resource Strategies will work with group members to help re-establish Synergy in the group.  We utilizes assessment techniques to develop better self-awareness of individuals in the group and also a better understanding of the dynamics of the other members within the group and help them become more cohesive and engage in open communication. Our coaching services will help group members develop some win-win strategies in working in groups.


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