"You don't get to control every outcome, only every choice you make along the way."
- Stephen C. Paul

Spring 2010

Organizational Development

Should You Consider Emotional Intelligence in the Coaching Process?

As someone who coaches leaders in organizations who are hoping to better hone their leadership skills and become more effective in motivating and managing their workforce, I find that if I can get my clients to better understand and improve their emotional intelligence, (EI) the battle is half-way won.

When you consider the basic components of EI, it involves ones ability to ...

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What legal reasons and steps are there to letting an employee go?
One of the areas where companies tend do see law suits is in the area of wrongful terminations. Although most states, including New York,  are "at will" states this doesn't give an employer license to terminate an employee without ensuring that proper procedure are followed.

n employer needs to make sure that the termination is being based on ...
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Company News

Lena Bodin, Principal of
People Resource Strategies' has been appointed to the position of Legislative Co-Director for the New York State Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Council.  In this position, Lena will be working with her partner and co-Director Susan Corcoran, Esq. of Jackson Lewis, LLP in actively bringing information and resources to the Human Resources Community in New York State, particularly on legal and legislative issues.

Lena recently spent time on Capitol Hill on behalf of SHRM National (3/16/2010), visiting with her District Legislator and Congressman to discuss SHRM's position on the Health Care Reform.

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About People Resource Strategies

Creating Competitive Advantage Through Human Capital...

A professional consulting firm specializing in organizational and strategic leadership development, People Resource Strategies can help your organization develop and manage your talent and develop compensation and reward systems to support and retain that talent.  People Resource Strategies focuses on designing actionable and comprehensive solutions to create Synergy and enhance Organizational Effectiveness through leaders and line managers and to create strong HR infrastructure.

Our expertise encompasses over two decades of operations and human resources experience in maximizing organizational potential through its people. Our programs are geared towards recognizing opportunities where companies enhance their bottom-line.

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