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Organizational Effectiveness
The HR Advisor™
Building Superior Organizations!

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Building superior organizations not only involves working with your people and developing their skills but also building a superior Human Resources support system.  And, yet, this area is often ignored or delegated to junior level individuals within the organizations.

Can you really afford to ignore your human resources
when oversights can hurt your organization financially?

Think again... With all the advances and changes in laws governing employment practices, the discipline of human resources has become very complex.  In the absence of a strong HR system, a company may often find itself in situations that may lead to legal actions against the company.

How Will People Resource Strategies Help Your Company?

The HR Advisor™
Your one source HR solution! A service of
People Resource Strategies, The HR Advisor™ provides companies from answers to day-to-day human resources questions to making a complete assessment and build strong HR infrastructures to help companies put their business in a stronger position around employee relations.

The HR Advisor™ provides companies with professional expertise without having to hire a full-time HR executive.  It can be your company's on-call advisor in the areas of employment compliance, payroll, benefits, and employee relations and offers your organization services in the following areas:

  • HR Audit & Compliance
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Policy & Procedures
  • Training
"Trust is the No. 1 factor in selecting and staying with an advisor."
- Phillip Palaveev
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