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The Synergy Factor™
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Once you have determined the Synergy factor of your company, you want to ensure your new hires fit that synergy walking in the door.  Our assessments can look at individual strengths and potential and the impact each individual will have on the organization.  It looks at the candidate’s culture and job fit and adaptability to your organization.  This helps in attracting and retaining a workforce that is fully engaged in executing the business strategy.

Our Approach
People Resource Strategies
can help your company develop benchmarks for positions within your company and have a better understanding of the candidates’ potential as an employee of your organization.  Once benchmarks are established you can have candidates complete assessments which will allow you to make the decision as to the best candidate for the position.  This process is compatible with your interview process and should be used in conjunction with the interviewing and other selection methods you currently have in place.

Needless to say that if you are hiring individuals who are good fits for your organization, they are most likely to succeed in their roles and their willingness to remain with your organization is greater.
"We have been focusing on who we should hire rather than who we could hire. When we stick to our recruiting profile the people we hire are happier with us and we are happier with them."
- Tom Burns
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