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The most common approach to consulting is a prescriptive approach where the consultant, as the expert, provides advice or assistance to the client with very little input from the client and fewer collaborations with the client.  The less common approach is a facilitative approach where the consultant focuses less on specific or technical knowledge and more on the process of the consultation itself.  This latter approach is of course, the most effective since the consultant works with the company in developing solutions that work.

At People Resource Strategies, taking a more facilitative approach, we believe applying not only our expertise to practical problem solving, but recognizing each client is unique with a unique set of circumstances.  Other consulting firms may analyze the problem and turn recommendations over to the client and not be involved in the implementation of the solution.  In contrast, People Resource Strategies will remain on hand to assist your company in proper implementation, or in some cases handle the implementation start to finish without the client's assistance.  The decision is up to the company as to how much involvement they want from PRS.




"In every society some men are born to rule, and some to advise."
- Ralph W. Emerson
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