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People Resource Strategies will work with your company in developing a total reward system which meets the objectives of both your employees and your organization.  We have been developing innovative rewards systems for clients for many years and we continue to bring innovation to our clients in response to the ever-changing economy and market demands.

Employees consider compensation decisions to be a mystical topic.  How much one is paid by the organization is of extreme importance to them, however, often employees don’t know or understand how pay decisions are made.

In order to attract and retain top talent an organization needs to be competitive both in the labor market and the product market and developing a sound and consistent compensation plan is the key to attracting and retaining the essential talent.

People Resource Strategies has experience developing compensation plans for large and small companies and developing various options that can help a company plan for the present and the future.  We can develop systems to be as complex or as simple as you need it to be, including various incentive plans, sales plans, etc., depending on your workforce and your strategic goals.

People Resource Strategies will work with your company and with any outside vendors to develop a benefits portfolio which works for your organization and its workforce ensuring the most cost-effective options are utilized.

Government Mandated Benefits
People Resource Strategies will help your company ensure that all mandated benefits are in place and are appropriately being managed.  We can help you develop policies which are compliant and work with your organizations unique needs.

Paid Time Off
People Resource Strategies will help your company make the right determination in how to structure your paid time off benefits and to ensure they are coordinated with any mandated benefits your employees are eligible to receive.

"Compensation for individuals is not linked to performance against budget. It is linked primarily to performance against the prior year and against the competition, and takes real strategic opportunities and obstacles in to account ."
- Jack Welch
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