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The way your employees view your organization is influenced greatly by your human resources infrastructure and systems you have in place.  Efficient and seamless procedures in managing your human resources functions from the candidate selection and retention, to termination and retirement is essential for a healthy organization.

The objective of the HR Audit is to provide a neutral, third-party assessment of the human resources functions within the organization.  It is an effective way to reduce your potential risk of liability and maybe realize cost savings and greater efficiencies.

Are you at Risk?
As a risk-management tool, an HR Audit is a cost-effective way in which you can greatly reduce your risk of liability.  It makes good business sense to take a proactive approach to your HR practices and not wait for your day in court?  In the event you find yourself in court, proper and thorough HR practices can make a difference in your favor.  In fact, employment practices liability insurance policies often require employers to conduct an annual HR audit.

Resulting Benefits:

  • Reduced risk of legal action by employees against your company.
  • More safeguards against damaging governmental audits and fines, such as by Immigration, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or the Department of Labor.
  • Reduced costs due to elimination of inefficient or unnecessary practices, procedures or policies.
  • Improved management and morale of employees.

People Resource Strategies conducts HR audits to help companies evaluate and determine where, if any, changes are necessary in existing policies and practices.

How Our HR Audit Service Works
People Resource Strategies' comprehensive HR audit service is a systematic review of all the major areas of your HR function, whether within your HR department or external departments, and is a means to identify strengths, weaknesses and areas where modification may be warranted.

  • Legal Compliance - are applicable laws and requirements being followed consistently? How about the impact of Sarbanes Oxley?
  • Employment Practices - are Federal and State guidelines followed? Are your hiring policies meeting Equal Opportunity Employment requirements?  Are your managers terminating within the legal guidelines?
  • Compensation and Benefits - are your benefits consistent and fairly administered within legal guidelines?  How about your disability, FMLA, ADA, military leave, and other policies?
  • Employee Relations - are the principals of these practices within legal parameter?
  • HR Recordkeeping/Information Maintenance - job applications, forms, procedures, HRIS systems, etc.

Based on our findings and recommendations on steps to take in correcting any discrepancies, you may engage the services of People Resource Strategies with the change implementation process or we can help you make the changes yourself ad part of our consulting services.

"Just because something doesn't do what you planned it to do doesn't mean it's useless."
- Thomas A. Edison
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